Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What to Watch Oct 10th

The 10 pm hour slot I love all three show one being a recurring series and the other 2 new .

What I am watching tonight:

Pushing Daisies
8pm/Abc new
We'll see a presentation of Ned's power: it's both a gift and a curse, and it's illustrated with flashbacks to Ned's childhood which include dissecting frogs in school. Ned, Emerson and Chuck later visit the morgue to inspect the body of a victim of a car accident. It's a 45 year-old man who specialized in automobile safety. The police are offering a reward to anyone who can find the killer, and Emerson wants answers in order to get the reward.(

-I am giving the show another try I thought it was okay when I first saw it but not like the critics are raving about it.

Criminal Minds
9pm / Cbs new
The BAU travels to Portland to assist local authorities in investigating the disappearances of people who are new to the city and have no strong social ties. All the clues lead to a psychiatrist who may be using his patients' phobias to literally scare them to death.(

- It will be interesting without Mandy Patinkin there but I think it still will be a great show and I love crime dramas

10pm/ Nbc new
When a husband and wife are victims of a carjacking the wife is murdered. Crews and Reese become suspicious of the husband when he refuses to identify the suspect and they have to let him go free. Crews goes to see the detective that handled his case.(

-Love this new show and hopefully it wont get canceled .

Must See Tv or Tivo-

America's Next Top Model
8Pm/CW new
It's makeover time! ANTM's makeover episode is always a season highlight because there is always at least one girl who hates what is done to her — and she lets everyone know about it. Tonight will not be any different as the 11 remaining models get dramatic changes made to their appearances. For one girl, the change is not just dramatic, it's drastic. She gets all of her hair cut off. That's right, she's B-A-L-D. As for the photo shoot, it's jungle-themed. — Tim Holland (

- I have only seen a couple episodes of past seasons so I really have no opinion on it.

Private Practice
9pm/ Abc new
Two episodes in, Oceanside's romantic fault lines are already as clear as the geological one lurking not far inland. First off, haven't we seen the Addison-Pete dance before — with a "Mc" in front of it on Thursday nights? Tonight the writers give the duo a case that points this out with all the subtlety of an earthquake: They treat a couple who can't consummate their marriage. Meanwhile, Violet wants her patient to leave his wife. Isn't this the same woman whose obsession with her ex has been termed "stalking"? — Paul Droesch(

- Havent seen this new show yet

Gossip Girl
9pm/ Cw New
Things start looking up for Blair when she's chosen to model for her mother's clothing line. Think glitz! Think glamour! Think... about the "Wind Beneath My Wings" from the Beaches soundtrack, the song about one friend always being in the other's shadow, because that's what happens to Blair when beautiful Serena comes on the scene and steals her spotlight. Meanwhile, Chuck decides it's time for him and Nate to have a guys' weekend. But Chuck's idea of male bonding isn't exactly camping and fishing. It's more like a late-night wild party with a multitude of girls. — Jennifer Sankowski(

- This is my guilty pleasure show

Dirty Sexy Money
10pm/ Abc new
Let's just say this week's episode is inspired by the Paris Hiltons and Kim Kardashians of the world. Tonight, when the Darlings are "victimized" by a blackmailer claiming to have a sex tape featuring one of the family members, the real victim, of course, is their lawyer Nick, whose job it is to clean up the mess and keep it on the DL. Meanwhile, senator-to-be Patrick is still having trouble breaking things off with Carmelita, and Jeremy is trying to keep Juliet from finding out about his affair with her nemesis, Natalie. Ain't love grand, especially the shady, sordid kind? —
Anthony Layser (

-Another great new show and hoping it gets picked up

Everything else:

Kid nation
8pm et/Cbs new
The Town Council is faced with a dilemma when the topic of religion arises. Their suggestion of having one religious ceremony to accommodate all faiths ruffles some feathers. (

Deal or No Deal
8pm et/nbc new

Back to You
8pm/ Fox new
Knowing his former colleagues will see the broadcast, Chuck tries to manipulate Kelly so he can cover the lead story.(

Til Death
8:30pm/Fox new
Jeff recruits Eddie for a faculty basketball team, but Eddie has a secret despite his height he is terrible at the sport. This is a problem because Eddie lied to Joy about his supposed prowess while they were dating, and he never told her the truth.(

Bionic Woman
9pm/ Nbc new
Jaime's new mission entails the protecting of a contractor's daughter. At the same time, she ponders whether or not to help Sarah move past her personal demons.(

Kitchen Nightmares
9pm/Fox new
Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Seascape, a mother and son run restaurant located in Islip, NY. Ramsay must work together with a hard-headed chef, along with an inexperienced general manager, to make some much needed changes to bring the customers back and to save the mother and son relationship.(

Csi Ny
10pm/ Cbs new
Mac Taylor a big mystery on his hands after a super spy is suddenly robbed in New York but the mystery deepens when they discover what might be the cause of this mystery. (

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