Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What to watch Tuesday 10/09

What I am watching tonight

8pm et/ Fox new
The Jeffersonian has dealt with some pretty gruesome cases before, but this one is probably the most freaky. When the decomposed body of a man is found in a forest, Booth and Brennan discover that the victim was a member of a fetish club that's into "pony play."In case you're not familiar, it's an S-and-M act where women pretend to be jockeys and men act as their steeds.... Anyway, the episode stays consistently weird thanks to Angela's decision to undergo hypnosis. It's a last-ditch attempt to recall the name of her former husband, so she can get a divorce and marry Hodgins. — Anthony Layser (tvguide.com)

9:00 pm et/Fox new
The job-interview process as elimination contest: Didn't Donald Trump already think of that?
Maybe so, but House goes at it with gusto tonight — and says, "You're fired" a lot more than
The Donald does on his show — as he divides the 10 candidates he didn't fire last week into two teams(men and women). Meanwhile, House is intrigued by a clinic patient who sticks a knife in wall socket but doesn't appear to be suicidal. And if you're interested in seeing what Foreman is up to at New York's Mercy Hospital, you can find out tonight. — Paul Droesch(tvguide.com)

Law and Order SVU
10 pm et/ Nbc new
A teacher claims that a student pursued her after she's charged with raping him.(tv.com)

I just really like all three shows and I like the new direction House is going some people might not agree but I miss Chase the most but hopefully we will see him more.

MUST tivo or watch

Dancing with the Stars
9:00 pm et/Abc
This show is like The Godfather: Just when you think you're out, they pull you back in.
That's been the case with Season 2 winner Drew Lachey filling in as cohost, and we've seen fellow Season 2 alum Kenny Mayne back as well. And now we have the return of Season 4's Billy Ray Cyrus, who will perform his latest hit single, "Ready, Set, Don't Go," on tonight's results show. Oh, and he'll be singing the tune with his daughter Miley, aka Hannah Montana, so just be glad you don't have to pay $1,000 (or more!) to see her. — Joe Friedrich(tvguide.com)

Alex knows that Frank resents him (to put it mildly), and he suspects that Frank's loyalty lies
elsewhere — namely with the Samuels, the family's longtime enemy. As brothers it could be tolerated, but it's a different story now that Alex is CEO. To confirm his suspicions, Alex resorts to creating a trap that will test Frank and let him know for sure where his shaky sibling stands. — Bill Ecklund(tvguide.com)

Boston Legal
10 pm et/ Abc new
Danny bets a huge some of money against Carl Sack's winning a cockfighting case; Alan and Lorraine represent a teenage girl who sues hew school after contracting HIV.(nbc.com)

The few episodes that I have seen of boston legal I have liked but Law and Order svu is on at the time so I hardly get to watch it.

Everything else

8Pm et/ CBS New
Lt. Colonel Mann joins Gibbs in an investigation of the murder of a Marine Captain who had access to highly classified information. Things get very personal for Gibbs when one of the witnesses in the case turns out to be one of his ex-wifes.(tv.com)

Singing Bee
8pm et/ nbc new
8pm et/ abc new
Nick gets a job at Norkbild, a home improvement center, through Joel. But Nick is quickly fired for being a terrible worker, he considers his firing to be a discrimination act against him and immediately files a lawsuit against the company. Meanwhile, Andy scares a woman in an attempt to prove that he is not scary.(tv.com)

Beauty and the Geek
8pm et/ CW new
The house romance takes a turn that could ruin one of the teams. Meanwhile, as voted by viewers, the geeks are challenged to massage the ladies while the beauties are challenged with rocket science.(tv.com)

Biggest Loser
8:30 et/ Nbc new
Alison surprises all three teams with an exotic getaway vacation, but they soon learn that they will be faced with temptations and challenges unlike any they have faced at the campus. Later, after the weigh-in, those who lost will try to forge an alliance with the others before deciding who to vote off.(tv.com)

8:30 et/ ABC new
Laird borrows Gracen's wedding ring because he thinks it will make him more desirable to a woman.Marmaduke thinks that Laird may be his real father and Aubrey is seen sneaking into a motel by Dougie,who thinks the worst of it.(tv.com)

The Unit
9:00 pm et/ CBS new
The Unit it back together and ready to take on their next assignment, a bomb filled with a nerve agent has been stolen from a nearby base. Only to find out the bomb is on it’s way to their home. On the home front, Kim has to make a difficult decision regarding a broadcast for the Radio Station. Molly and Jonas spend time together, reuniting. Mack moves out of the home.(tv.com)

9:00 pm et/ Cw new
Sam, Ben, and Sock must hunt a mistress who sends bugs to kill anyone who comes near her former lover. Also, Sam is crushed when Andi meets a new guy who encourages her to go back to school full-time and quit her job.(tv.com)

Out of the news shows I hope cavemen gets canceled , sorry for the people who like it but it is my least favorite new show.

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