Saturday, June 14, 2008

Spoilers for Bones, Heroes , Lost etc

There are Spoilers for Bones, Heroes , Lost ,Desperate Housewives, Lost, Prison Break,Smallville and Supernatural.


Bones creator Hart Hanson has plans to have Booth and Brennan "in bed together" next season. Hanson is implying it is still a mystery. Angela husband is claming he is in love with her still and he refuses to sign the divorce papers. Their will be a brawl between Hodgins and him. Sweets will try to participate in- will ensue.(


Episode 3.01:The Butterfly effect
The first three minutes of the show one of the lead heroes is going to bust a cap off at one of the other lead heroes. The guy she pull the trigger on might be the guy she is seeing in real life. She will say on camera "I always loved you." Clare is going to have dark hair and will also shift time.( Kristin on E!online)


Jin will be fine. Emile de Ravin will be in contract with lost for season 5 and returing season 6.( Kristin on E!online)


Rocky Carroll is going to be a series regular now and his character Leon Vance will rise up the ladder and become director of NCIS.(tv guide online)

Desperate Housewives

Season 5 will be 5 years down the road and there is a new mystery . It will involve new neighbors but viewers will be suprised at who the mystery person is and it will be a big mystery star. ( tv guide)

Prison Break

Pad Man will be present in episodes 1 to 3(spoiler tv)


The CW just confirmed that Justin Hartley (Green Arrow/Oliver Queen) has been locked in as a series regular for the upcoming eighth season! According to the show's rep, Justin's storyline will focus on Oliver's past and where he comes from as opposed to his Green alter ego. I'm also told that Kristen Kreuk (Lana) will most definitely be back for a batch of episodes-most likely six or seven-but they're still working out the exact number.(The Auseillo Report)


Supernatural is going to be dealing with a lot of specifically religious symbolism this season, with a particular eye toward the devil, hell, god etc( Kristin on E!online)

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