Sunday, January 25, 2009

[HD] Promo House 5x13 - Big Baby

This looks like this will be a good episode. I still want the old team back together but what can you do. I still need to watch last week episode it is just sitting there on my tivo. Do think the old team need to be back together or do you like it the way it is now? This episode air jan 26th at 7pm central/8pm eastern.


Tanyetta said...


He is so rude and I love it! HaHa.

p.s. change is sometimes a good thing. i know it was hard for me to accept the new vivian on the fresh prince but, once i got over it, i was good! LOL

Francine said...

The team doesnt bother me like it used to I just want to see more Chase lol. House is the show though and I love him :). Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.