Tuesday, May 5, 2009

90210 Episode 22 Preview- Tonights episode

I will be watching fringe but probably watch this later online. I think the show is getting a little better since the pilot and finally I think Annie has some chemistry with Liam because she is probably my least favorite character on this show. My favorites are Adrianna and Navid. Who are your favorite and least favorite characters on this show? Do you think the show is getting better or just get it off the air? Comment Below


Anonymous said...

I think the show is getting much better as it progresses, and I think they have a good chance of a lasting show. I love Adriana and Navid! I also love Naomi. I dont love Annie, but I think she is getting better. I also am starting to like Ethan more. Now that he is single, he is a little more interesting. It is a shame that he is leaving the show, I think they could do a lot with his character.

Francine said...

Thanks for the comment.. Ethan is getting more interesting maybe they will bring him back later. I think they wanted a real bad boy to fill the Dylan role.