Saturday, May 9, 2009

Recap of Dollhouse Season Finale.

The beginning of this episode starts where we left off in the last episode. The dollhouse is in a frenzy that Alpha once again attacked another active and outsmarted them in breaking in ,taking echo and imprinting her with one of Topher's personalities he created. They don't know which one yet though. In a flashback they show one of the dollhouse's most popular active Whisky and Alpha in a assignment where they kidnapped a man that paid to be a third wheel in a crime spree but I don't think this is what he paid Adele for. We find out that Whisky is Dr. Saunders didn't see this one coming. The handler's finally found them at a warehouse.

Back in the present time Echo and Alpha kidnapped a store clerk who is in the backseat of the car. Ballard is in Adele office being held on trespassing but she reconsider putting him in the attic because she feels the he could be useful in helping find echo. We are in Dr. saunders office where victor is asking how can I be my best now? Dr. Saunders went off a little on him.
Now in a flashback we see an older doctor giving out lollipops to the actives who visit him and Caroline first tour of the dollhouse. It is in alpha perspective and he fell in love at first site with Caroline. Present time echo and alpha are at the same place he and whiskey kidnapped the one client and there is a chair there that looks like Topher's .Wonder what he is going to use that for?

Alpha puts Wendy the store clerk in the chair and imprints her with Caroline which would be a little weird seeing yourself but not in your body. Alpha wants to whip out Caroline's imprint like he destroyed his own. I think Alpha's is having some mental issues at the moment who I am kidding he is a sociopath with so many personality's at one time. In flashback we see Alpha scar Whiskey for life because he overheard a handler say she was the most popular and Alpha was like why don't you let echo be number 1. The staff lures alpha in the chair to put him in the attack but that didn't work because he killed is handler by sticking his fingers into his eyes and then went on his killing spree.

Alpha plans on imprinting echo with every personality she has ever had but his plan backfired because she wanted nothing to do with his plan she is the anti alpha. Back at the dollhouse , Boyd and Ballerd want to know who Alpha was before becoming and active. We find out that at the beginning they used people from prison and his real name is Carl William Craft and was charged with kidnapping and found out that is surviving victim face is scarred. That triggers Ballard to ask topher what misson Alpha had a violent outburst on. Topher gives the address where he kidnapped the client.

Echo then fights Alpha and knocks him out. She returns to Caroline and wants them to be one again and she agrees but then Alpha wakes up and shoots Caroline. Alpha is holding her personality and memories in is hand and wants to destroy it. Alpha runs and Echo chases him and drops her computer chip and Ballard catches it. At the dollhouse Dr. Saunders figures out she is a doll and asks Topher why give her such computer skills and makes her hate him. She didn't look in her file and I wonder why. Ballard is going to work for the dollhouse but on one condition to let November go and Adele agrees.If you missed the show it is on Hulu.

So what do you think of the season finale? Leave your comments below and here is a link to preorder the Dollhouse dvd coming out July 28th and see the unaired episode titled Epitaph One.

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