Thursday, May 7, 2009

Supernatural 4.21 (When The Levee Breaks) Space Promo

This episode looks awesome. Supernatural is probably one of my favorite shows right now. I thought last weeks episode was okay but tonight episode looks great . I hope Sam wises up but I dont think that will happen. How do you like the season so far?


Anonymous said...

I love the show too. However, last nights show really bothered me. The brothers have been pulling away from each other a long time and to see them walk away from each is other is very heartbreaking. This is especially hard for me since I'm in the middle of re-watching season 2 where Sam was just possessed by a demon and Dean refused to shot him no matter what he did (including tying up and hurting Jo). Remember, Dean said he'd never give up "not if I could save him" he said he'd rather die than kill Sam. However I am an eternal optimist and always hope for the best. There's a season 5 on the way, so I'm curious to see how they do work things out.

Francine said...

It bothered me also and I miss the brothers relationship it is an important part of the show but I think Eric Kripke will bring them back on the same side. Hopefully Sam will figure out that the path he is going down is not worth it. I also want to know why the angels let sam out.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous again (I don't know why it posted as anonymous, my name is Rose.....I've read lots of comments on different blogs where people think that if Sam kills Lillith, that is the last seal. That it has to be Dean that kills Lillith, not Sam. Anyway, I'm hoping that Anna wasn't killed, I really liked her. I think she was one of the ones that was out to really help (aside from Bobby), no ulterior motives, no instructions from anyone else, she just wanted to help period. And I do hope Kripe brings the Winchester Brothers back on the same side. I'm too emotionally invested in the show to have a whole season 5 of them being on different sides and hating each other.