Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Review -Glee The Complete Second Season DVD


 I was given a review copy of Glee The Complete Second Season . I watched the show when it aired because I love this show so I will comment on the Special Features of the dvd. It is a 6 disc set and contains all 22 episodes. On each disc they have the Glee music jukebox with songs from each of the episodes which is nice way to find the performance you like.

Disc 2 - Behind the scenes of The Rocky Horror Glee Show it they interviewed Chris Colfer, Jayma Mays, Matthew Morrison, Amber Riley, John Stamos, and others. I thought it was a nice behind the scenes it  kept my attention.  Exclusive bonus song Planet Schmanet Janet I would just skip this didnt really like it and didnt add anything in my opinion.

Disc 3- Getting Waxed By Jane Lynch- It is about Sue getting a wax figure. It was interesting because they show the process of  how the wax figured gets made. The Wit of Brittany- Some of her best one liners put in one place. Loved it.Comic Con 2010- I thought it was good Q&A.

Disc 6- Building Glee's Auditorium with Cory Monteith  if your interested in set designs watch it but of not pass. A Day in the life of Brittany - Their was some funny moments.  Shooting Glee in New York City - I enjoyed watching this extra. Guesting on Glee- Interviews the guest stars. Stevie Nick Goes Glee- She comes down to the set to talk to the cast and crew, Sue's Quips- The title says it all watch it if you love Sue .Santana's Slams- Another funny clip extra.

If you would like to buy this it is on sale now.


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