Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Damages - Season 4 Promo

I am excited about tonights premiere of Season 4 Damages luckily I have Direct Tv. I am so happy that they picked up this series. This is one on the best shows on tv right now and if you havent watched this series yet I suggest you start. Amazing acting and great writing.Do you like this show? This will air on tonight on Channel 231 for Direct Tv subscribers at 10/9 C.

Rescue Me - Final Season Promo

This is the last season of this show. I havent had a chance to watch this one but I have heard it is a great show. Are you sad that this is the last season of the show? This premieres tonight on fx at 10/9C

Necessary Roughness-Spinning Out

This airs tonight on Usa at 10/9c. This episode is about "a NASCAR driver needs help getting back behind the wheel after a crash. Elsewhere, T.K. clashes with a rookie wide receiver; and Lindsay and R.J. lose control of a party they're throwing".(tvguide)Do you like this show so far?

Royal Pains-Rash Talk promo

This airs tonight at 9/8c on Usa. This episode is about a pair of cleaning-product entrepreneurs and best friends turn to Hank when they worry their products are making one of them ill(tvguide)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Combat Hospital

This airs tonight on ABC at 10/9C. So far this show has been okay good for a summer show.Have you watch this yet?

Covert Affairs -The Outsiders preview

This airs tonight on Usa at 10/9c. When Annie and Reva are sent to deploy surveillance cameras on the Poland-Belarus border, they are taken captive by members of the Belarusian Secret Police.This is another one of my picks tonight.

White Collar Episode 6, Scott Free - Preview Clip

This airs tonight on Usa at 9/8c . This episode is about when a teenage conman goes on a wild crime spree in New York, Peter realizes he has a new Neal Caffrey on his hands

Pretty Little Liars"The Devil You Know"PROMO

This season is starting to pick up the pace. This episode is about "Hanna learns more about Caleb's foster family, while the other Liars deal with the resolution and closure of the news about Ian.This is my pick for the hour" What did you think of last weeks episode? This airs tonight at 9/8 C on Abc Family

Monday, July 11, 2011

Syfy- Alpha Preview Trailer #1-New Summer Show 2011

New Show on Syfi.This show looks interesting. "Ominous messages steer a man to a building's rooftop, where he executes an improbable shooting in the opener of the series following a team of people with extraordinary abilities who investigate crimes linked to others like them."(tvguide)This airs tonight on Syfi 10/9c.Are you interested in this show ?

Warehouse 13 - S3 Promo - A New Face

This is my pick of for this hour. I am happy to see Aaron Ashomore on the show I liked him on Smallville. Hopefully Myka comes back and I am sure she will there hasn't be any news on her leaving. This airs tonight at 9/8c on Syfi.

The Closer - 'Unknown Trouble' Preview Airs Monday, July 11 at 9/8C on TNT.

This is the final season of The Closer and the season premiere is tonight. This airs tonight at 9/8c on TNT.Are you sad about this show ending?

Hole in the Wall - The Secret Life of the American Teenager

This airs tonight at 8/7C on Abc family.

Eureka Season 4.5 Premiere Promo

I love Eureka .Season premiere tonight at 8/7 c on Syfy.This is my pick for this hour :).

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Falling Skies: Episode 5 Promo "Silent Kill" (TNT)

This airs on TNT at 10/9c . So far I really looked forward to this show. In this episode they finally go after Ben. What do you think about this show so far?

True Blood Season 4 Episode 3 "If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin?" Promo

This airs on Hbo at 9/8c. What did you think of last week's episode? So far I think it is going pretty good.

True Blood: The Complete First Season (HBO Series)