Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dollhouse Trailer

Over the summer I am going to show the previews for the new shows this fall. The Dollhouse, a secret - and highly illegal - facility where human slaves are programmed to fulfill the fantasies, needs, and whims of the rich and powerful( I will probably tune to check it out. This show will be on fox monday in 2009.

Spoilers for Bones, Heroes , Lost etc

There are Spoilers for Bones, Heroes , Lost ,Desperate Housewives, Lost, Prison Break,Smallville and Supernatural.


Bones creator Hart Hanson has plans to have Booth and Brennan "in bed together" next season. Hanson is implying it is still a mystery. Angela husband is claming he is in love with her still and he refuses to sign the divorce papers. Their will be a brawl between Hodgins and him. Sweets will try to participate in- will ensue.(


Episode 3.01:The Butterfly effect
The first three minutes of the show one of the lead heroes is going to bust a cap off at one of the other lead heroes. The guy she pull the trigger on might be the guy she is seeing in real life. She will say on camera "I always loved you." Clare is going to have dark hair and will also shift time.( Kristin on E!online)


Jin will be fine. Emile de Ravin will be in contract with lost for season 5 and returing season 6.( Kristin on E!online)


Rocky Carroll is going to be a series regular now and his character Leon Vance will rise up the ladder and become director of NCIS.(tv guide online)

Desperate Housewives

Season 5 will be 5 years down the road and there is a new mystery . It will involve new neighbors but viewers will be suprised at who the mystery person is and it will be a big mystery star. ( tv guide)

Prison Break

Pad Man will be present in episodes 1 to 3(spoiler tv)


The CW just confirmed that Justin Hartley (Green Arrow/Oliver Queen) has been locked in as a series regular for the upcoming eighth season! According to the show's rep, Justin's storyline will focus on Oliver's past and where he comes from as opposed to his Green alter ego. I'm also told that Kristen Kreuk (Lana) will most definitely be back for a batch of episodes-most likely six or seven-but they're still working out the exact number.(The Auseillo Report)


Supernatural is going to be dealing with a lot of specifically religious symbolism this season, with a particular eye toward the devil, hell, god etc( Kristin on E!online)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Reviewing different blogs- Copywriting Tips and Ideas

I found this blog on social spark. It is a great looking site and has great content on grammar , spelling and everything to do with writing. I know that I need to improve on my grammar and I thought for the people who visit my blog or is a blogger themselves would like to check it out the link is in the title but here it is again
I am going to put the link on my blog roll also. I will probably review a blog a day so if you want me to review your blog just leave me a comment.

Casting News for Dirty sexy money and 24

Caroline Lagerfelt is going to play the mother of Nick George who is Peter Krause's character on Dirty Sexy Money. The reports have been that she will be only one episode but I have feeling she might be in more. I really like this show and I am glad that it got picked back up. I really recommend it so check it out.

24 casting news tv guide reported that Jon Voight is joining season 7 as the villain. His character will be introduced in the prequel movie that is airing Nov. 23. I just started watching the show I am on Season 4 so hopefully I will watch all the seasons before the movie airs. I love this show also. So what do you think about Jon Voight being cast?

Stephanie wins top chef

Well I finally watched the finale yesterday and it looks like Richard didnt prepare the best meal he could have but I am sure it still tasted great. I am happy that Stephanie won but it looked like Lisa might of won the night with the edit. If you want to Read Toms blog it is on the Bravo website which I linked above . He is probably my favorite judge on Top chef and I cant wait until next season. I still think the chefs in Season 3 were a little better and I enjoyed that season finale more but overall congrats to Stephanie.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Well I didnt get to watch the shows

Last night we were having tornado warnings like crazy . I live in omaha,ne. So we were have news stations reporting the storm. So I am going to try to watch them online now I dont know who won top chef yet . I also send my prayers to the boy scout camp that got hit last night just an hour away from me.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Top Chef to annouce winner tonight

Well Top chef finale tonight on Bravo. I really hope Lisa does not win. I cant believe her bitchy attitude at the end. So who do you think will win? I think they really want a female this year so I am going with Stephenie even though I like Richard more.

Gossip Girl spinoff maybe in the Works

The producers of gossip girl are thinking about a spin off about Jenny or a new character that as yet to be introduced. In the books jenny got her own series called the "It Girl" . The Cw gets first dibs but it could be picked up by ABC family. Honestly she is probably my least favorite character on the show so if there was a spinoff I would give it a chance. I have never read the book but here is a link to the it girl if interested.

Celebrity Circus Hits TV With Crazy Stunt

This show premieres wednesday at 8:30pm ct/9:30 et. I will probably watch so you think you can dance and the top Chef final tommorrow rather then this but I posted in case anyone is intrested and if you liked it please tell me.

Hells Kitchen - Bobby goes home

So I am really surprised the Bobby went home tonight even though I dont think I would want any of them cooking for me. I really thought it would be Jen but she has won 3 challenges but she has a really bad attitude. So what do you think are you surprised? Glad? who do you think should win?
I will add a preview for next week when it comes up on youtube.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Courtney Cox show Dirt has been canceled.

Well I am kind of disappointed about this cancellation because I just started watching it online and became addicted it was only on for 2 seasons . This was one of my guilty pleasure shows the first season was really great but the second season was mediocre. It has been said this show was a victim of the writers strike. Oh well :(. I am still upset about NBC canceling journeyman it was great show and I recommend watching it because even though it only had 13 episodes it had a ending. Well the dvds that came out this week are down below and I can say I have only watched home improvement and 7th heaven out these dvd releases this week. Thanks for reading and I will try to blog more often.

John Adams (HBO Miniseries)
My Boys: The Complete First Season
Home Improvement: The Complete Eighth Season
Army Wives: The Complete First Season
Boondocks - The Complete Second Season
What's Happening: The Complete Series
Broken Trail
City of Vice
Da Vinci's Inquest - Season 3
Fantastic Four - World's Greatest Heroes - The Complete First Season
The Fugitive: Season Two, Vol. 1
Hawaii Five-O - The Fourth Season
The Odd Couple: The Fourth Season
Waiting for God: Season Three