Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dollhouse might be Renewed :)

Rumors are that the once doomed Dollhouse will be renewed reported by tvguide. Castle is also supposed to be picked up by Abc. I am shocked that Fox is giving Dollhouse a chance even though I think it is a great show .Hopefully the rumors are true. Would you be happy that Fox gave dollhouse a chance? Dont care either way? Comment below

Friday, May 15, 2009

Prison Break 4x21/22 Preview Season Finale

I hope Micheal can save both Sara and Lincoln . This will be the last episode of prison break ,well I heard there might be more episodes on the dvd. Are you upset that this series was not renewed ?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Grey's Anatomy Promo 5.23 and 5.24 Season Final

I think this season has been better then last season and I hoping that Izzie doesnt die but we will see. I love that christina kisses Owen this episode. I really like the actor Kevin Mckidd and hunt adds something to this show plus he was great on Journeyman which sadly was canceled too soon. Do you like Owen ? Comment Below

Supernatural 4x22 Lucifer Rising Clip 3/3

Here is another clip for the supernatural finale I cant wait. I am hoping next season the brothers will be on the same side again.

Ugly Betty 3x22 Promo

Henry is supposed to be back in the 23rd or 24 episode. There has been rumors that next season they will have Fey summers on and she is not really dead so we will see. Do you like the idea of having Fey summers on? Comment Below.

Bones 4x26 Sneak Peek

Here is sneak peek of the season finale of bones. I have feeling this episode will be like the house finale on monday night.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Criminal Minds Season 4 Episode 24 " Amplification"

This is probably one of my favorite crime shows on tv right now. I like all the characters, good storyline and good acting. I hope reid will be okay I am sure he will but sometimes you never know with television shows. Do you watch this show? Comment Below.

LOST 5x16 5x17 "The Incident" Season 5 Finale ABC Promo #1 CarLost.Tk

Season Finale tomorrow. Should be exciting and have some questions answered but with more questions presenting themselves. Have you liked season 5? comment below.

One Tree Hill's stars Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton Not Returning

Reported by tvguide. There have been talks that the 2 stars will not be back next season confirmed by The Cw. They promoted Julian(Austin Nichols) to a season regular and they are going to add 2 new characters next season says Ask Ausiello . I think this series should of ended around season 4 dont get me wrong I still like it but it is not exciting like it used to be. I still havent watched last nights episode. Are you glad CMM and Hilarie Burton are not coming back? Are you sad? Should this series even still be on the air?

Fringe Preview 120: There's More Than One Of Everything -

I cant wait to see tonight's episode this looks like it will be a great season finale and I heard that this episode will answer a lot of questions. Do you like that Leonard Nimoy is joining the cast? Comment Below

90210 1x23 Extended trailer (HQ)

I think ethan and silver will get together this episode. Kelly looks a little jealous of Naomi sister with Ryan.Adrianna looks like she might be going into Labor. I am glad they are holding off getting married. So what do you think of the ethan and silver pairing? Comment Below.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Gossip Girl 2.24 Promo "Valley Girls"

This episode will be about flashbacks of Lilly when she was younger. There were rumors that the spinoff has been canceled but it is not true at least not yet. Are you looking forward to this episode? comment below

Official One Tree Hill 623 "Forever and Almost Always" Promo

So I have been a little bored watching season 6 of One tree hill. This episode looks like it will be a good one though. I am happy that Julian is back though. What has been your favorite season of OTH? Comment below.

24 Episode 722 preview Tonights episode.

This episode looks like it will be action pack. The past couple episodes have been a little lacking. This season is so much better then season 6 I think. So what has been your favorite episode this season? Comment Below .

House MD 5x24 Preview #1 *Season Finale*

Here is the preview for the season finale of House. This looks like it will be a good episode. Have you liked Season 5 of House? What did you think of House and Cuddy getting together? I will also put up previews for 24, gossip girl , and one tree hill later today. Comment below :)

Supernatural 4x22 Lucifer Rising Big Clip

Here is a one of the clips of the Season finale of Supernatural. I bet you anything the Sam is the last seal what do you think? In other news about Supernatural Misha Collins will now be a cast regular on the show reported by the Hollywood reporter. That is great news I really like Castiel . So are you happy about the news? Comment below.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Brothers and Sisters #3.24 Promo (HQ)

Here is the preview for tonights Brothers and Sisters. I heard that Tommy will be back next season but I dont know in what capacity. Hopefully creepy Ryan will leave. Do you want Ryan to leave or do you think he adds something to show? Comment Below.

Desperate Housewives 5x22 PREVIEW PROMO

I have never watched this show yet but here is the preview for tonights episode. For anyone who watches it do you recommend it ?

SNL-Star Trek's Quinto and Pine

Happy Mothers Day everyone. I saw Star Trek on Thursday and thought it was great .People who are not fans of the series will love this movie. Here is a little skit with Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine and Leonard Nimoy.