Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Criminal Minds Season 4 Episode 24 " Amplification"

This is probably one of my favorite crime shows on tv right now. I like all the characters, good storyline and good acting. I hope reid will be okay I am sure he will but sometimes you never know with television shows. Do you watch this show? Comment Below.


Anonymous said...

Love this show and can't wait to see this episode. I do love me a good Reid in danger eppy so this will be fantastic! And it's anthrax!!

Really though, excellent show.

Francine said...

Thanks for the comment :).. Reid is my favorite character.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Smart people are sexy.

That should be the tagline of this show.

(I can't wait to watch this one. Right now, we're watching the Pens demolish the Caps. Thank you, TiVo!!)

Anonymous said...

Loved AMP, still rewatching. And just for the record MORGAN is my fav character. I also love Reid but not as much as pretty, pretty MORGAN.

Francine said...

It was good episode snd I agree Morgan is sexy he is my second favorite :). Thanks for the comment.