Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thursday night tv - My picks

Normally on Thursdays I watch Csi and without a trace so I will start with those 2 shows .

CSI- 9 pm eastern Cbs
Details start to unfold for the relationship between Grissom and Sara . The team investigates the death of a go-cart racer who is killed while riding on a highway, and a murder at a trendy
restaurant where patrons dine in the dark.

Without a trace- 10 pm eastern Cbs
The team considers if a father who cleans crime scenes for a living led to his disappearance with his daughter.

The must see television for tonight is

My name is earl - 8 pm nbc
Earl is offered a deal to receive a lesser sentence if he can resolve problems between rival gangs. But, he finds the task harder than he expected. Meanwhile, Randy looks for ways to join Earl in prison.(

30 Rock 8 :30 pm nbc - Season premiere
The guest star for tonight is Jerry Seinfeld . Jack will be up to his old tricks . He wants to insert old clips from the seinfield show into current shows but Jerry does not like the idea.

Smallville- cw 8 pm
Clark and Lois meet Smallville's newest arrival face-to-face, and she has some surprising news.
Clark decides to leave Smallville and continue with his superhero training but Jor-El informs him that a new Kryptonian menace has arisen.

Ugly Betty-8-pm abc
Betty gets a little overwhelmed about Wilhelmina's brand new hunky bodyguard. Plus, Henry returns to pay for insurance, which has Betty concerned about their relationship. Because of the fatal crash, Alexis gets amnesia and Bradford uses it to his advantage. Hilda comes to terms with recent events. And Amanda gets a surprise inheritance from her late biological mother.(

Survivor China- 8 pm cbs
I am not a big survivor fan but it is on the lists I have seen.
The Fei Long tribe continued to prove its superiority in challenges last week by winning both the reward and the immunity contests. They are now four for four in head-to-head competitions. If Zhan Hu loses immunity again, irritating leader Dave just might be reunited with evicted enemy Ashley sooner than he thinks. Tonight the teams play for comfort items (pillows, blankets, a tarp) in a boat challenge. The winner kidnaps an opposing tribe member, who bonds with the other team over issues of faith. But is it in good faith? — Tim Holland (

The Office- 9pm nbc
Special Hour long episode
Ryan returns to Scranton with a plan to bring Dunder Mifflin into the digital age by launching a new website - Dunder Mifflin Infinity. Meanwhile, Angela is still upset about her cat Sprinkles.(

Grey Anatomy- 9 pm nbc
A patient is in the hospital because they fell asleep in a hazardous situation. A patient's home laboratory blew up in an apartment building and the victims flood the hospital. Alex investigates the cause of the incident by talking to a really old guy who lived in the building. Jane Burke shows up to deal with what her son left behind. Lexie tries to talk to Meredith. Callie is overwhelmed by her new position while Bailey is searching for things to do.(

Season Premieres tonight
30 Rock

Supernatural -Cw 9Pm
Seven demons, based on the Seven Deadly Sins, are released into the world and the brothers must combat them with the aid of a married Hunter couple.

Law and order criminal intent- USA 10 Pm
Eames re-opens the case into her husband's murder.

Everything else that is on
Are u smarter then a 5th grader- fox 8 pm
Dont forget the lyrics- Fox 9pm
Er- Nbc 10 pm
Big shots abc 10 pm

So what are you going to watch tonight ?

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