Monday, October 8, 2007

What to watch Monday 10/08

What I am watching tonight:

Prison Break
8pm et/fox new
Be prepared for some bad news tonight as Michael's escape plan begins to take shape. But first, he'll have to deal with Mahone, who'll get some inspiration from an old friend we haven't seen since last season. Meanwhile, T-Bag is climbing Lechero's ladder and will be in a position to do a favor or two. He's also up to his old tricks, for the first time this season. — Paul Droesch(

9pm et/ nbc new
Isaac may be gone, but his work is still having an impact on the future. Just ask Suresh, who returns to New York and is surprised to find a painting he had never seen before. After viewing it, he wishes he hadn't gotten a look at it now, either. Meanwhile, Hiro is starting to wish he had never met his medieval idol: Kensei is simply not living up to his legend. But just as Hiro is about ready to give up on him, Kensei surprises him. And the final surprise of the evening? Two familiar faces reappear on the scene. — Jeanette Martin(

10 pm et/ nbc new
Romance is put on hold for Dan and Katie when Dan finds himself back in 1989 in time to warn everyone about a disaster, and save an addict from ruining his life. Katie finds out that Dan has seen Livia but didn't tell her.(

I really like journeyman for some reason I think everyone should check out at least once the pilot was a little confusing at first but it came together I hoping this new show wont get cancelled.

Must see tv / tivo-

8pm Et /nbc New
Freaks and geeks abound when Chuck delves into his very first undercover spy mission. (His spy persona is Charles Carmichael, who orders his drinks shaken and stirred.) Here, Chuck's "constant state of fear, danger and anxiety" continues when he tries to take down an elusive arms dealer named La Ciudad. Cut to Chuck's real life, where he sets out to become assistant store manager. The refreshing show — a mix of espionage drama and workplace comedy — delivers another strong episode, punctuated with a Tarantino-esque chick fight. Oh, and
Chuck learns to dance the tango. Good luck, Chuck. — Dean Maurer(

Dancing with the stars
8pm Et/ abc
The way models have been disappearing from this show, you'd think they were stick figures banned from Fashion Week catwalks in Madrid. Alas, though it came as a surprise to everyone last week, middle-of-the-pack clotheshorse Albert Reed joined Josie Maran as one more pretty face that launched another pink slip. So much for Len Goodman's comment about Albert being this season's dark horse, because now he's just a dead one. As for the remaining hoofers, tonight the 10 couples perform either the jive or the tango. — Joe Friedrich(

How I met your mother
8pm et/ Cbs New
Ted's new attitude attracts women in the present and one from his past. The rest of the gang pulls together to help him make the most of the situation.(

Everybody hates chris
8Pm et /CW New
After getting bullied Caruso stops bullying everyone else which upsets the balance at school. Julius tries to keep secret that he's been forced to take his vacation days.(

The Big bang theory
8:30 pm/ Cbs New
Leonard asks a woman out after he finds out that Penny is seeing someone.(

Aliens in America
8:30 pm / CW New
Raja explains to his class how close he and Justin are, prompting rumors about the two being a couple to spread throughout the school. Thus, Justin turns to Claire for help, who advises him to completely ignore Raja. This later causes Justin to be more alone than ever because Raja instead befriends the geekiest kid in school. Meanwhile, Gary decides to get involved when Claire decides to call it quits with Jeffrey.(

Two and a Half men
9 pm / cbs new
Alan convinces Charlie that he needs to date more respectable women and sets him up with a judge. The two double date and their waitress happens to be one of Alan's ex-girlfriends. Charlie's date backfires the following morning, when he ends up in court in front of the judge.(

9pm /cw new
Joan runs away to Mexico with Aaron in attempts to keep him from leaving to Iraq. While in Iraq, Aaron realizes that he cannot run from the war and the two of them decide that they should get married before he departures. Meanwhile, Maya automatically assumes that Jabari has been using marijuana when she finds it in her home. Also, Lynn reaches another milestone in her music career, but she doesn't feel comfortable celebrating because of Joan and Aaron's problem.(

Rules of engagement
9:30 pm / cbs new
Jeff finds himself in trouble when he tries to fix an issue Audrey is having with one of their neighbours.(

The game
9:30 Pm/cw new
Homeless, heartbroken, and distraught, Melanie turns to Derwin's rival, Trey Wiggs, for comfort. After sleeping with him, Trey offers Melanie financial assistance, leaving Melanie to make a decision on whether or not to accept it. Meanwhile, Jason butt heads with the new coach ( Jason Lee ) when the Sabers football team is sold to new owners.(

Everything Else:
9 pm/ fox new
Cobb and Boulet try to solve a woman's murder involving a twist of voodoo magic and a jealous ex-husband. Part of Cobb's past surfaces.(

The Bachelor
9:30 pm/ abc new

Csi Miami
10pm et / cbs new
Horatio goes out to find his son after he goes missing during a prison break.(

Can anyone tell me if kville is any good ? I will have to try it out.

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