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Spoilers Tuesday 5/05

I got the information from spoilerfix. So if you don't want to know spoilers for Brothers and Sisters, Desperate Housewives ,Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy,Heroes,Lost, Prison Break,
Smallville and Ugly Betty. So don't look below if you don't want to be spoiled also leave in comments what show you want me to try and find spoilers on and I will do my best to meet your request.

Brothers and Sisters -

-In the season finale Saul may have inadvertently caused the death of Ryan's mother! In other B&S finale news, the Walkers are Mexico-bound this Sunday in order to bring Tommy back to America. Hint, it's not going to work. But it's for the best. Also, Kitty and Robert finally reconcile, while Justin and Rebecca announce to the family that they're getting married. He even gets down on one knee with a makeshift ring.Source Kristin Eonline

Desperate Housewives-

-It may not be a game-changer along the lines of last year's five-year time jump, but this should still get the kids talking: will conclude its season on May 17 with a surprise wedding, sources confirm to me exclusively. The nuptials are so top secret that even members of the show's cast and crew don't know who's walking down the aisle. "People are being told on a need-to-know basis," whispers a Housewives insider. Source: The Ausiello Files

-Flashing forward, backward and sideways is so yesterday, so Housewives will have to stoop to tried-and-true plot twists to wow the Wisteria Lane faithful. Right? Wrong . Using words such as "killer" and "fantastic" to sum up the two-hour finale, Neal McDonough (who plays Edie's murderous hubby, Dave) told us, "What series creator Marc Cherry has come up with is amazing. The fans are going to love it." But will a certain Housewife love the surprising news her doctor has for her? Source: TV Guide Online

Gossip Girl-

Season finale news-The spawn of Rufus and Lily will be played by an unknown - extrapolate from that what you will about said spawn's future on the show. Gossip Girl escapes Serena's attack relatively unscathed. [...] We can promise that this year's Gossip Girl finale is not going to be a repeat of last year's Bluck disaster: This time around, Chuck doesn't screw over Blair. In fact, we can promise that if you love Chuck and Blair, you will love the finale, and you will be compensated for all your pain and suffering over this past year. Source: Kristin on E!Online

-Chuck does not try and sabotage Blair's campaign for prom queen. It's actually just the opposite. Source: The Ausiello Files

Grey's Anatomy

-Series creator Shonda Rhimes reportedly told her cast that "life-changing things" are in store for every major Seattle Gracer. Now, Shonda being Shonda, details are scarce. What we do know is that the two-hour finale's guest-star roster includes Debra Mooney (Everwood) and Liza Weil (Gilmore Girls) respectively playing Owen's mother and a cancer patient who bonds with Izzie. Among the twists you can count on are a reveal that paves the way for T.R. Knight's possible exit, and a surprising declaration from one of the interns. Source: TV Guide Online

- As Chandra Wilson told us, "In the finale, we do ultimately find out what happens with George he does make a big decision in that episode. Izzie has a lot of medical issues in that episode. And then we have our normal ER catastrophe that goes on. It's got to be something bad going on where all the doctors have to assemble. That much I know." Source: Kristin on E!Online


-We can absolutely assure you that Zachary Quinto is coming back next season. We're hearing that Sylar is present in what's described as "a very Fight Club-esque way." The Heroes deaths will continue next season, and a few of your favorite characters may be resurrected in the process. (Pssst, that has nothing to do with our pal Sylar). Source: The Ausiello Files


-Charles Widmore told John Locke that a war would take place on the island, and that if John didn't return, the wrong side was going to win. We're still a little unclear on who - and when - the sides will be (Hostiles vs. Dharma; Oceanic 6 vs. creepy Ajira survivors; Smokey vs. everyone), but it's clear that tensions are mounting all over, and will probably culminate in at least one shocking season-ending death. Other intriguing tidbits: The finale will introduce us to Jacob, the island's spiritual leader, and we'll see a wedding that takes place off-island. Source: TV Guide Online

- Look for another game-changing finale. Based on the rumors we're hearing about what happens, you may find yourself wondering how they could still even do the same show after this. [...] Sayid's wife Nadia is back in the finale. Yes, technically she's his tragically murdered wife, but still: whee! We'll also be meeting young Kate, young Tom (Mr. Friendly), young Juliet, young Rachel (Juliet's sister) and young Sawyer, and several of those sightings happen because a pivotal figure in the Island mythology wants to check in on our heroes in their youth, à la Richard Alpert's test visit ("Which of these are yours?") to John Locke. Source: Kristin on E!Online

-Daniel Faraday is, in fact, dead, despite the somewhat ambiguous ending to Wednesday's episode, "The Variable," and that actor Jeremy Davies is no longer a member of the show's full-time cast. Source: TV Guide Online

Prison Break

- [Micheal] is faced with having to save [Sara] or [Lincoln], but with Mahone's help they come up with a plan to attempt to save both. Source: SpoilerTV

-Michael will find out [Sara is pregnant] by the May 15 season finale ... though not from Sara herself. Source: TV Guide Online

-You will not see Maricruz, only Sucre and his daughter. He is with Maricruz, they probably just decided to film it without her. [...] There is someone who ends up in Fox River at the end of episode 22. [...] At the end of episode 22 the scene that is [set] 4 years later has Sara, Linc, Sucre, Mahone and Michael, Jr., at Michael's grave. And then the show ends. [...] You will also learn what happened with Sucre, Mahone, Lincoln, C-Note, T-Bag, Sofia, LJ, Self, and Kellerman. Source: SpoilerTV

- This might be on the dvd-In the extra 2 hours, you will see Michael and Sara get married and then Sara will go to prison. The gang will attempt to break her out and Michael [...] ends up sacraficing himself to save Sara and get her out of prison, but the reason he did it is because he still has a tumor and was going to die anyway. Source: SpoilerTV


-[The special guest that will appear in the season finale and then return next season] shows up in the final scene, and he's going to cause big problems next season. Source: The Ausiello Files

- Executive producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders officially confirmed the return of Tom Welling and Erica Durance, so count them safe. Speaking of the finale, Cassidy Freeman says Tess Mercer is on the hunt for Davis, "Because I want Clark to accept the fact that he is superman, and I don't think he can do that until he fights Doomsday." Throw down! Source: Kristin on E!Online

Ugly Betty

-Series creator Silvio Horta reveals about next season: We're going to explore [Justin's sexuality]. He'll be going to high school and getting older, so we'll definitely be exploring that. We want to see Marc and Amanda's love lives. [Betty's] braces will be off by the end of next season. Next year, there's going to be a progression in her look overall. It'll still be Betty, but you'll see some growth in that direction. Source: The Ausiello Files

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