Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What I watched on Monday

Spoilers who haven't watched House, 24, or Gossip Girl so stop reading if haven't seen last night episodes. Here are some of my thoughts .

-Let me first say that I loved the scene between House and Cuddy. I knew it was going to happen but they have great chemistry and cant wait for next week episode.
-More Chase this episode so I was happy about that but I am kinda over Cameron trying to sabotage their relationship yet again.
- I liked the case this episode but again it was kind of in the background to deal with House issues with him hallucinating . I wonder if he will be done with vicodon.
I hope that he is done seeing amber because I didnt really like that storyline.

- I happy to see Chloe back for a whole episode she hasnt been to many episodes .
- I really didnt want Tony as a bad guy but I am afraid he is at least that is what it seems like but 24 likes to suprise us so we will see.
- Olivia is now in a mess herself for ordering hit against Jonas Hodges then canceling it but I knew it would probably go on as plan but maybe someone else deceided to kill him.
- Jack needs to get better soon but he is still awesome in this episode and glad him and Chloe figured out it was a setup.
- Overall solid episode but next weeks looks better I will probably post a preview later.

Gossip Girl
- I am happy Georgina is back and is going back to being evil and not the person who found religion even though it was kinda funny.
- I am tired of Nate and Blair mainly because I think Blair belongs with Chuck but I can understand that Chuck let her go be with Nate because he wants her to be happy and if she was with him. He is afraid that he will let her down and disappoint her which is proably true.
- I can understand why Rufus was upset but Lilly was just trying to help .
- Upset that he didnt propose.

Your thoughts?

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